CHANGE – The Ultimate Law of Universe





Hey Good people of the earth today we will discuss about the ultimate law of universe that is CHANGE, change is the only thing that is constantly happening in this universe. Change can be internal and external, and both of these types of changes are very important for us, without change we cannot feel, experience new things in life which are really essential for our growth and recognition as a human beings, change can open countless possibilities only if we embrace it.


If you are someone who does not like change (like I used to be) here is a eye opener for you – Change is going to happen anyway without our permission, it does not care if you like the change or not, many of us today are living their life in the box which i call “Comfortable zone” . This is the zone where we live our lives without accepting change, living in this so called comfort zone limits our abilities and potential which will help us to learn something new or experience something which we have not experience yet, life is very boring and dull in comfort zone just step out of it and see for yourself . What I want to focus on is change will happen anyway so its better to accept it.


Change can be categorize as external changes and internal changes, both have their own characteristics internal change is related to our body, mind and senses. The cells in our bodies are changing every second and so our brain cell wiring, we cannot stop these changes instead what can we do is welcome these changes with arms wide open, without internal changes there is no chance our body, mind and senses will grow on the other hand if we harmonize and accept these changes, they can bring positive outcomes in our lives . External changes are the changes which happen outside of ourselves like our jobs, relationships, peoples, situations, events etc. Accepting external changes is equally important as internal changes, I would like to give you an example , suppose you have got promotion in your existing job, so  it’s obvious that you will get hike in your salary rather than that you will also get hike in your job responsibilities/roles now see if you will resist this change (promotion) will you ever be capable of growing as a employee  ??? the answer is NO, In order to expand our growth and potential it is very important to embrace change in every aspect of life .



Going through Changes can be very hard, frustrating and painful, because it will test your dedication and abilities in every way in order to take your life to a higher level,  but there are ways by which we can make accepting theses change little easier, here they are-

  • Think about Positive results –



Do not think about the challenges you are going to face in the process of change instead focus about the positive result it will going to bring you . This will help you stay motivated in the process.

  • Keep Your Doors Open –   



If you have decided by now to change things for yourself like finding a good partner, new Job, business ,house or anything you have to keep your doors open to any possibilities which will come your way in the process because when you will be open for change to be happen you will encounter new opportunities every day, but if you will resist the change you will find yourself in trouble fitting in, because as we discussed above change will going to happen anyway so it is better to make your choices consciously and then be open for opportunities .

  • Face Your Fears –


We have to face our fears at some point of life so why not now ??  accepting change into your life can be fearful for some people because it will make you push yourself to do things you have not done ,some fear is licit and you have to face it once you have face your fears they will become your greatest strengths.



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