How to Increase Vibrational energy of your body in 5 steps

Hey good people of the earth, Are you attracting negative Situations, thoughts, peoples, relationships into your life, then there is something wrong going within you and this is no coincidence but law of attraction you are attracting these things because your vibrational frequency is matching to those low vibrating things, as Albert Einstein said “Everything in this universe is made up of energy” everything has its own vibrational frequency. If you are having low vibrational frequency then you are going to attract negative things into your life. If you are reading this article then you probably want to increase your vibrational frequency.



Now lets look at these five points that i have compiled which will help you raising your vibrational frequency and live a better life which you deserve.

  1. Be Conscious of your thoughts –



This is very crucial step to watch out most of the times we are not aware of what we are thinking, we put ourselves into auto pilot mode in which we don’t have control over our thoughts, you probably have heard that thoughts create your reality so it is very essential that you should be well aware of your thoughts and words you are using because they will become your reality in future, don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind reject negative thought as soon it comes to your mind, meditation will help you being present in the moment and be conscious of your thoughts. If you can control your thoughts you can control your reality.

2. Get up early and do some work out –



Getting up early and doing some physical work out or exercises can really boost your immune system and it will get your energy flow in whole body if you can’t go to gym then you can make your own set of some basic exercises like I do ( push ups, yoga, running etc.) You will feel yourself when the energy will starts to flow, you will never feel drained of energy.

 3.   Love yourself 100% –



Do you know love is the highest vibration in this universe, yes you heard it right, it all starts with self love you cannot love anybody if you don’t love yourself and nobody can love you if you don’t love yourself, nobody is perfect we all have some flaws within us this does not mean that you should hate yourself and hide the inner child that’s inside all of us, I can give you bonus tip for loving yourself 100%  – Do what you love, this will bring up some joy to you and you automatically love yourself this way because you are doing what you love, all the power lies within ourselves so don’t wait for anybody’s permission just hug yourself and fall in love with yourself.

4.   Eat Healthy –



You are what you eat, if you eat unhealthy foods then its sure that you will feel crap about yourself and it can really put you into low vibration realm, if you really wants to increase the frequency you are vibrating at you need to cut down those junk foods, candies, meat, caffeine,soda and start eating more plant based food, green leafy vegetables , fruits, seeds, nuts. Those live enzymes will boost your mental health and you will begin to feel great about yourself, last thing I want to stress on is try to stay hydrated all the times drink more alkaline water, this way you can boost up your vibes.

5.       Be Thankful –


I think everybody should be thankful to god or universe for everything they have in their lives, but most of us are not doing this instead what we do is whine about things we don’t have, when you show gratitude towards universe it means you are in alignment with universe and you are ready to attract positive vibes into your life, just start from today be thankful for every little thing for e.g. you can be grateful that you woke up alive this morning where many people did not woke to see the new dawn, be grateful for the food you have in your fridge, be grateful for role of nature in our lives just be grateful for anything that you can appreciate and see how it improves quality of your life.










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