3 reasons why you should become vegetarian (Before its too late)

Hey good people of the earth today we will discuss about vegetarianism, vegetarianism is  becoming very popular more and more everyday non-vegetarian people are converting into vegetarian, reason behind this is different to every person some chose to become vegetarian for health problems, love for animals and some chose to become for other reasons. There are different types of vegetarians like Lacto ovo vegetarians, they eat both dairy products and eggs but they don’t eat meat, lacto vegetarian eats diary product and they don’t eat eggs, ovo vegetarians eat eggs and avoid diary and vegans do not eat diary, eggs or any product that directly derived from animals.




Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends.”

There are hundreds of reason why you should become vegetarian ,but if you are having trouble finding reasons to go vegetarian then I can give you 3 quick reason  why you should become vegetarian before its too late and here they are –

  1.  For Your Health  –



Do you know eating meat can increase the risk of some health problems , meat is very rich in fat and cholesterol content so it can create problems in your cardiac health and it increases the risk of cardiac arrest and study have shown that as compare to vegetarians there are 40% more chances of having cancer in those who consume meat products. Some other health issues of eating meat are – osteoporosis, kidney, gall stones, constipation, spots on skin, anxiety etc. and you don’t want that ,going vegetarian can really improve up your health.


2.  Compassion for animals –



Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. So becoming vegetarian could be your best decision because this way you are showing compassion towards animals and proving that you are not participating in taking their lives. We human beings consider other forms of life less superior than us. We don’t realize that we have don’t any right to kill and eat any animal , like us they deserve to live , do you know animals in farms are tortured and butchered you don’t want to see that, today more and more organizations are standing up against cruelty with animals, becoming vegetarian will not only increase your compassion towards animals but towards other human beings.

3. For mother earth –



Meat industry is one of the most environment polluting industry in the world, So not eating meat could be your greatest contribution towards planet, studies in U.S. have shown that meat industries uses more than half of the grain produced in country to feed the animals in the farms so they can fatten and produce more meat, and it takes huge amount of water to yield small amount of edible meat, it is our responsibility as a humans to work for the betterment of mother earth.

                          “Problem is we think someone else will save earth”






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