Hey good people of the earth, today we will talk about third eye (pineal gland) meditation, I will not go into deep theory and history of it but I will give you information so you can start practicing it, third eye is not a physical eye and it is located at our forehead right between our eye brows and third eye meditation is when we purposely focus on third eye to activate it, people who have already open their third eye become more aware and intuitive, they begin to see things before they actually happen and they start to question everything they have been told their entire life. Third eye is called Ajna chakra and it is sixth chakra among seven energy centers in our body.


Some other benefits of activating your third eye are –

  • Improved concentration
  • Better sleep quality
  • Mental clarity
  • Less stress
  • Positivity in life
  • Thought awareness
  • Removes anxiety, fear and pain
  • Boosts creativity


Find a comfortable place to sit down where you can’t be disturbed by anyone or anything for at least 15-40 minutes. Switch off your mobiles (this one is tough? eh) TV or whatever you have which can interrupt you during your practice, now sit down in crossed leg position with your spine erect and rest your hands gently on your knees, relax every muscle of your body and gently close your eyes and take a deep breath from your stomach to chest hold the breath for 5 second and exhale slowly, repeat this for few breaths, you have to focus only two things one is your sensation of breathing while inhaling and exhaling through your nostrils and other is the darkness in front of your closed eyes and between your eye brows, imagine yourself as a soul only and keep breathing this way for 4-5 minutes , you will begin to feel the sense of wholeness just be present at the moment and be aware of every inhale and exhale of your breath. Its obvious that thoughts will come but don’t judge or analyze them just let them come and go do not force any thought, your mind will wander like crazy but don’t worry be aware of the moment when your mind wanders and keep getting back your focus on your breath and the point between your eye brows now imagine a candle in front of you fix your focus on its flame and don’t let the candle disappear keep focusing on its flame and keep breathing, by this time you will feel a buzzing and heat sensation in your focused point of your forehead, keep breathing deeply for 10-15 minutes and then shift your focus from third eye to normal gaze, slowly be aware of your body part one by one and surrounding environment. Now slowly open your eyes and you have successfully complete your first third eye meditation session. I recommend you to start with small 3-5 minutes sessions and slowly increase your time when you will develop stamina for sitting for long time.

Things which can boost up your third eye activation process-

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat organic
  • Spend time in nature
  • Be thankful for every little things