5 ways how to stay strong when things are not going good in life ??

Hey good people of the earth, It’s a good known fact that life can’t be easy all the time ,everyone has ups and downs in their journey of life, what our aim is to develop a emotional balance in ourselves so that we can stand strong when our emotions are giving us hard time, yes it’s our unbalanced emotions that makes us unhappy, angry, sad and miserable. But we blame people and situations for our condition which is not true. The outer world is projection of our inner world what we feel inside will have its effect on the outside. That’s why we blame others for our condition.




  • Accept the situation

I know it’s hard to accept unfavorable conditions and people but it is a good way to trick the mind to pretend everything is well, this way you are impressing  your subconscious mind with the fact that whatever may happen you are accepting it completely. So next time when things are not going your way just breathe and accept that situation completely and engage in your daily routine like nothing has happened .

  • Law of duality

Understanding this fact that everything is dual in nature like heaven and hell, black and white, hot and cold, yes and no, up and down etc. So in order to experience life in better way you have to face the worst, we simply cannot enjoy happiness without being unhappy just like darkness is necessary to see the light . When life is going hard it means you are being tested by universe and when you pass the test you will see bright side of life.

  •  Set small goals

Whatever mess you are in don’t just sit down waiting in your cell and also don’t try to sort out everything at once, this will only worsen the situation even more. A better approach would be setting up small goals everyday which will contribute to your main goal step by step . These small goals can be simple as washing your car, dusting your room, organize that huge pile of clothes you don’t even wear, start reading a new book. The goal here is to keep moving .

  • This too shall pass

Nothing is permanent in life not even our body, if you are experiencing good or bad things it won’t last forever, just remember this sentence “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” it will make you happy when you are sad and vice versa. Whatever is happening in your life is not permanent so don’t try to resist and control every situation just let go and everything will fall into place.

  • Have Fun

Having fun is a big part of our lives but many of us forget this when life is going rough, our mindset becomes like how can i have fun when nothing is going right. We don’t realize that having fun and doing things we love will take us out from that rut. When we do things we love our brain releases chemicals and that feel good chemicals can really alter our brain state from bored and depressive to loving and compassionate.

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