Bijli Mahadev

The Bijli Mahadev (Electric Mahadev) temple is situated in between beautiful lush green forests near village chansari, which is about 18km far from district  Kullu of state Himachal Pradesh, and you have to cover 1-1.5km distance on foot after parking your vehicle in chansari village. Bijli mahadev is most famous temple of lord shiva in kullu region . Lord shiva slayed the demon Jalandhar on this hill.

There is whole story behind the name of this temple .

main temple

It is believed that lord shiva is residing here from thousand years in the form of yoga and samadhi. Every year lightning strikes down on lord shiva’s shivling and the holy flag of this temple, the lightning breaks the shivling into pieces and the priest of this temple then collect all the pieces of shivling and join them together to form the shivling as it was with the help of Makkhan (butter).


              Beautiful meadows of Kullu valley


Way to the temple

The people of bijli mahadev believes that whenever troubles and disasters are about to surround earth then lord shiva absorb all that negative energy into the shivling in the form of lightning. Thats also why lord shiva is known as – THE DESTROYER OF ALL THAT IS EVIL.


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