5 ancient temples you must visit in Mandi (chotti kashi)

Mandi is a small, beautiful, green, hilly district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi town is situated at the banks of river beas. Mandi has more than 300 temples in which some of classical temples has declared ‘protected monuments’ due to their historical significance by ASI (Archaeological survey of india). If you are planning to spend your holidays in mandi district or near by I am going to share with you the list of 5 ancient temples you must visit in mandi town.

  1. Bhootnath temple –


The bhoothnath temple of mandi is found to be very ancient temple of lord shiva and located at street heart of the town, the temple was built by the king of mandi raja ajber sen in 1526-1527 A.D. which makes it the most ancient temple in the town, the king built this temple when lord shiva came in his dream and said that there is a shiv ling buried in that place then the king dug the place and took the shiv ling and built the temple on that same place . During the time of mahashivratri there is festival held at mandi in which the temple is decorated and devotees put butter on the shiv ling which made to last for 7 days till the end of shivratri festival programme.


        2Maa shyamakaali (Tarna mata)



Maa shyamakaali temple is a famous hindu temple in mandi. It is located at tarna hill which is about 2 km from mandi town that is wht this temple is reffered as tarna maa temple, it is dedicated to goddess shyamakali which is said to be incarnation of goddess parvati, the temple is built by raja shyam sen in 17th century who was ruler of mandi at that time. He was a great devotee of goddess kali. Once raja jit se of suket (ruler of the adjoining state insulted shyam sen and then shyam sen invaded suket and merged the place in mandi. Before proceeding for battle shyam sen prayed and ivoked the blessings of goddess kali and on his victory he was said to have built the temple. There is also a garden and a cafeteria in the campus of temple. You can hire a cab or auto rickshaw (which is the main source of transportation in mandi) from ISBT mandi to the temple.



    3. Panchvaktar


Panchvaktar temple is situated at the very bank of river beas as you can see in the pic above. The foundation date of panchvaktar temple is still unknown. The temple has statue of lord shiva having five faces (panchvaktar) which shows the five powers of lord shiva – Aghora, Ishana, Tat purusha, Vaamdeva, Rudra. It is one of the protected monuments which comes under the Archaeological Survey of India and has been declared a national site. The campus of the temple is a peaceful and scenic place . The temple is just 5 minutes walking distance from ISBT Mandi



     4. Mahamrityunjay


Mahamrityunjay temple is situated at the center of the town mandi. It is one of the rare and oldest temple of lord shiva because lord shiva is worshipped here as the Taryambaka (The one with three eyes). The statue of lord shiva is in lotus position with four arms, it is said that worshipping taryambaka and chanting mahamrityunjay mantra can cure illness and the fear of death.

Om tryambakam yajaamahe
Sugandhim pusstti vardhanam
urvaarukam iva bandhanaan
mrtyor mukssiiya maa amrtaat


5. Bhima kali


Bhima kali maa temple is situated at place called bhiuli which is just 1km from ISBT on manali-delhi NH-21. Bhima kali maa resides here as incarnation of goddess durga, it is said that it is the place where the great war between lord krishna and demon banasur took place, the head of the demon is buried at the front big gate of the temple. The temple has big campus with parking facility and there is  a muesum in the temple which have the exclusive images of other gods and goddess. Kali puja is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm.


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