EGO – Should you get rid of it ??

Hey, Good people of earth today we will discuss about this hot topic of new age which is EGO, many of us are not aware of what ego actually is and what it’s role in our lives.


In simple words EGO (ahamkar) is everything you think you are it is the false sense of the self which is created by unconscious identification with the mind, which includes identification by Your name, your profession, your body , sense of self-esteem, sense of importance, sense of seeing everybody else other than you, self image. Ego is part of our entire life and it can hamper our lives in most destructive ways when it become out of control. I recently read The power of now a book by Eckhart tolle and he explained that Ego feeds on past and future thoughts and it says one day, when this, that, or the other happens, I am going to be okay, happy, at peace which actually never happens.


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 Remember you are not your mind



No, you should not try to get rid of ego because wanting to get rid of ego is also a ego the more you try to get rid of it the stronger it becomes, instead what you can do is just let it and practice to be in present moment and be aware of the ego as it is just be a watcher but don’t identify yourself with it. Ego always looking for validation for its survival it becomes weak when you don’t validate it.




8 thoughts on “EGO – Should you get rid of it ??

  1. I have to disagree. Ego seems like something better jettisoned in most cases. I do well at work because I don’t bring my ego. My artwork, I create and most times just throw away because it is the process and not the result that is important. I try to write the same way… but, I guess you need a little “you” in your writing…

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    1. Its okay if you disagree everyone have their own point of view, and i write what i feel and experiencing in my journey…trying to jettison the ego is also a act of ego thats why its better to be a observer of it, we humans inspire each other i got inspired by eckhart tolle’s book THE POWER OF NOW you should also read it and clear your doubts on ego…Thank you for taking time to read…. love and light

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      1. I guess the issue for me is, because I’m a Buddhist, the ego is something one wants to get rid of on one’s journey. But, as a Buddhist, I also believe “To each his own”…


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