Iyouwe (IUV) First Blog Post

Hello there beautiful souls,

Welcome to IUV blog, I want to share some things about me first before we dive into my blog.

I am a writer, thinker, engineer, musician,, traveler and vegetarian but its not like this always,  most of us today i was not doing what i love to do and i was not happy instead we are doing what others tell us or want us to do , i was away from my home and family working in different jobs (Which i did not wanted to do at all) to earn some money , and i did not knew at that time that i was sacrificing my mental and physical health to it, all day i would  dream about things i would love to do if i had time when i come home at evening i was so drained mental and physically i just hug my couch and sleep and wake with depression and lot of Negativity, but i wanted to stop it all and just be free from this corporate slavery and do what i want to do, but i was not doing anything to change my situation and i remain depressed all the time and this depression leads me to Anger and hate which further leads to fall of my health i had became so skinny ( I am on it now ) and i was so angry, violent  and hateful all the time that I hated everything and everyone including myself at that time.

I always wanted to do things like going into Nature, Running, Exercising, Meditating, Yoga, Practicing guitar (My passion), traveling ,Writing and spending some good time with my family ( I really missed this one). At this point i wanted to quit my job desperately but I did not have a single idea what I am going to do.


Universe whispers into my mind

One night when I was sleeping I had this vivid dream which I can still recall like it happened yesterday, I saw myself free from that rat race (Oh! God that feeling) and i was flying free into the skies and i was doing things what i always wanted to do, i was extremely happy seeing those things, that morning when i woke up i finally decided that i am going to quit my job this month and pack my luggage go back to home, let me tell you my hometown is in Himachal Pradesh  , it is known as LAND OF GODS (Devbhoomi) and land of Mountains. Take a look from where my heart belongs to.


Before that I was living in this city.



Now some of you nature lovers would have understand by now what i was dealing with.


The moment came to me i wrote my resignation letter to my M.D,  packed my luggage and wait for new dawn to come (that was longest night of my life). In morning i packed some more of my stuff and head back to LAND OF GODS.

There was still one problem what i am going to do at home there was a little voice back inside of my head saying what relatives ,neighbors and other peoples gonna say to me about quitting my job and having interest in my own lifestyle (According to most peoples if you have job then you are doing it right) but that was not true, to me there were more to life than just to stay alive.

Why I choose  Blogging

When i start to gather my life and i begin to meditate, breathing exercises and some traveling and everything starts to make sense i got this huge feeling that everything and everyone is connected to its ultimate source which is this vast universe, before writing blog I used to read (and I still do) self improvement blogs ,articles , books and everything I could get my hands on and these things are helping me out becoming my higher self. I have this blessing that i can feel others peoples feelings as they are mine i feel very sad about this suffering and i wanted to help others get out of it (which is possible), so blogging has become very vast and popular in last two decades and there are some good platforms where we can spread and share these beautiful information that could actually help someone get out of that rut, So I choose blogging as a way to do it and here I am ta-da.

What I will be blogging about

My blogs topic will be about following things.

  • Personal development
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Travelling
  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Positivity


We begin to change the world by changing ourselves first.