About I U V

Hey, Good people of the earth welcome to IUV blog i have started this blog with a hope to help people live with full potential and cope up with social, mental, physical issues on which we stumble upon at some point of our lives. I YOU WE deserve to live a happy fulfilling life which is our natural state of living , but in today’s world we have lost ourselves in our  Jobs, Technologies, Relationships, ego etc. So i hope this will bring up some sun shine in somebody’s life.

I used to read (and I still do) self development blogs ,articles , books and everything I could get my hands on and these things are helping me becoming my greatest version. I have this blessing or curse i don’t know that i can feel others peoples feelings as they are mine i feel very sad about their suffering in the world and i want to help others get out of it , and blogging has become very vast and popular in last few years and there are some good platforms where we can spread and share these beautiful information that could actually help someone live a better life, So I choose blogging as a way to do it.

As Buddha said – ” Life is suffering, but there is way we can deal with it ”



What I will be blogging about

My blogs topic will be about following things.

  • Personal development
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Traveling
  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Positivity

We begin to change the world by changing ourselves first.


8 thoughts on “About I U V

  1. Ok. There is a guide in my life that has taken over to pull me out of this emotional crash I went thru in the past day or so.
    I say this, because I have not been on my blog for about 2 weeks now. Haven’t felt inspired lately. Feeling pretty down with life and it’s overhwhelming and repeat challanges. (Please don’t lecture I need to learn something from it all, because there are few that can match the analytical, self awareness I am forever reaping).

    Anyways, feeling pretty low and down lately. I then saw you have visited my blog just 8 hrs. ago, which I find more then coincidental, since the junk funk mindset and crash happened just yesterday. I read your blog, and I then knew this was no mistake.

    Don’t know how you found me, but it was more then amazing that you found me when you did.

    Thank you for your kind words and your visit.



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